Do you want to buy high-quality bicycle accessories

For a long-distance cyclist, the choice of bicycle accessories is very important and has a direct impact on our experience during the ride. It is also very important to choose a reliable camel bag, a convenient and practical and durable bag can bring us great help and convenience on the road.

Based on years of cycling experience, long-distance riding bags should meet the following conditions: Strongness is the most basic requirement and the most important element of the bag. Capacity is sufficient, the bag should be based on the needs of the ride, carry all the bicycle accessories you use.

Do you want to buy high-quality bike accessories?

Can guarantee your clothes, electronic equipment in the rain will not be damaged by water including things to take, easy to move and so on. Below to introduce a good bicycle accessories, Doite’s bag, using 600D nylon fabric, inside there are 300D nylon as a lining, nylon is a high-strength chemical fiber material, with light weight, high strength, tear-resistant and other characteristics, 90% of the world’s The backpacks of the above famous brands are made of nylon. So the strength of this bag is still very reliable. The entire bag capacity of about 50L, if you carry most of the necessary bicycle accessories, if the longer road, you need to put part of the equipment on top of the bag, this later will be said.

The bag weight is only about 1.5kg, not only the strength is better than the canvas, the weight is much lighter than the canvas. Zipper is the bag is relatively easy to damage the parts, so DOITE 6186 on both sides of the large storage bag, are not using zippers, but the use of a more convenient large magic paste, because take items more frequently, magic paste not only convenient to open, but also not easy to damage, this design is very intimate. The small side pockets on both sides, generally store some piecemeal and important items, in these side pockets using zippers, can ensure that bicycle accessories are not easily lost. On both sides of the bag, there is also a grid side bag, can be temporarily placed to take down the rain shield, magic headscarf, sun hat and so on, very convenient. Get rid of the hassle of opening the bag. When the whole package is full, the top is very flat, which is conducive to adding an external hanging on top of the bag, if you want to carry tents and other items, you can safely place on it. Even bringing your pet with you is fine.

This bag comes with two fixed straps, used to place bicycle accessories on top of the bag, for tents, moisture-proof mats and other items, can be very stable placed on the top. The bottom of the bag, in addition to wear-resistant nylon, but also added a layer of waterproof Pvc material, that is, increased wear-resistant function, but also very easy to clean up, through the long-distance car friends know, in fact, when it rains, the bag has rain shield, rarely from above into the water, and because the bag below, due to the wheels flung mud, a long time, Will be soaked in the bicycle accessories inside the bag.

This design completely eliminates this phenomenon. In summary, this bag fabric is strong, capacity can meet most long-distance travel needs to carry a large number of bicycle accessories, for individual bicycle long-distance travel needs to bring tents and other equipment, expandable fixed belt perfectly solve the problem, for waterproof, completely do not worry, the bag itself is waterproof material, What’s more, the bag also gives away rain shield. The PVC material on the inside of the bag perfectly solves the stains splashed in the wheels of the ride on a rainy day, it is easier to maintain and wipe, the bag pocket design is rich and reasonable, easy to use, whether from the price or the actual riding experience, is the current long-distance ride in the bag cost-effective.

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