How to buy a bicycle as a novice

More and more people choose to buy a bicycle for their own out or sports and travel, different uses to choose different bicycles, how to choose, together to understand it.

Travel bicycle fall into two categories, credit card travel and heavy-duty travel. Credit card travel refers to bicycle travel in denser areas of town and does not require too much luggage for camping. Heavy-duty travel refers to travel with low population density and the need to carry a large number of daily items and a lot of luggage. For credit card travel, choose the bicycle you’re used to. Those who are used to road bicycles can use them. But to carry a large number of daily items can choose professional travel bicycle, conducive to the transport of a large number of items.

Depending on the impact of different road conditions, we can also be divided into two. The first is that the road conditions are poor and you can choose to use mountain bicycles and travel bicycles. Road is a better road, road bicycle is a good choice. In scenic places, often mountainous areas, our cars must have enough variable speed systems. I generally recommend that novices buy mountain bicycles, which can cope with most of the road conditions and the ease of climbing.

How to buy a bicycle as a novice

Depending on the length of the route. If it is a long-distance route, we should pay attention to the body comfort in the ride, bicycle travel, easy fatigue is the neck, waist, shoulders, wrists. More upright sitting position, will make the above part easily not easy to fatigue. Traditional traffic bicycle, sitting angle is the largest, body comfort, but not conducive to the use of the whole body for power. Mountain bicycles and travel bicycles are better. If it’s just a short route, you can choose your own familiar bicycle.

How to buy a bicycle as a novice

That’s how novices choose a bicycle, go and buy your first bicycle.

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