Purchase of bicycles

We all want to buy a good performance bike at the most affordable price, how to choose is a problem for most people, here’s how to choose to buy a bike.

Purchase of bicycles

Buying a bike is very similar to buying a computer. Buying a brand of a whole bike is more expensive, but more reassuringly, they also have a national lying range of recommended retail prices. Your own DTY with a bike is cheaper, but also better according to their main purpose to match, but in different business sales methods, will make you feel more troublesome. In the past two years, the price of a whole bicycle has also begun to fall, in general, 2000 yuan or less of the bicycle, DIY matching has no advantage.DIY can be customized accessories according to their own needs, can be more targeted for accessories.

When we buy a bike, find a well-known bike shop, bike accessories and maintenance technology is also very important, a good teacher to give you advice can make you spend money valuable. Good technology also makes bikes that are not very high to ride smoothly. Then we have to consider the style and size of the bike rack, and then compare it according to your main riding purpose.The station wagon should also have a larger and comfortable seat cushion.

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