What is the difference between Mountain Bikes and road bikes?

As most people know, bicycles fall into four main categories. The first category is that civilian bicycles are the most common alternative to walking. The second category is a mountain bike with very thick tires. The third category is called a climbing car. Another category is road bikes. Road bikes for race, we used to call it “racing”. What’s the difference between a common mountain bike and a road bike?

The first is the tire, the highway 700C is equivalent to 28 inches, the mountain is 26 inches of wheel, mountain bike tires are usually 1.9″ or more (special track may be used 1.5″), and the road car tire width is more than 20 mm or so.

What is the difference between Mountain Bikes and road bikes?

The frames of the two bikes are also different, with mountain bikes on bumpy roads, considering a combination of light weight and hard work, while road bikes are considered to focus on stepping strength. Road bikes are usually slimmer (in recent years, aerodynamically designed frames are sturdy), while mountain bikes are stronger. Mountain bike frame angle is very good, and road bike angle is similar. The axles of mountain bikes are stout, while the axles of road bikes are thinner. At present, with the production process and the use of high-tech materials, the two bicycle racks in addition to the basic structure has been difficult to find anything the same.

What is the difference between Mountain Bikes and road bikes?

The brakes must be the biggest difference between the two cars. Mountain bikes require a powerful, powerful, all-weather braking system. Early mountain bikes used a suspended brake system, and later the V-type brakes provided better braking performance, and now the best braking system is disc brakes, or disc brakes, introduced from motorcycles. Road bikes, in addition to braking force, the most important thing is light weight. Due to the different structure, the weight is also different.The heavier the bike, the more energy you consume will increase, invisibly increasing your excess physical exertion.

Mountain bike appearance gives people feel complex, no road bike gives the feeling of simple and smooth, of course, some are not able to look at the appearance, need to see is the overall effect of the bicycle, by the ride process, will experience.Mountain bikes feel stable, comfortable, and very maneuverable and brake-efficient, and all the designof of road cars emphasize speed, so the narrow tire width, high road requirements, slippery road surface is easy to slip, less flexibility.

That’s what I’ve concluded about the difference between mountain biking and road cycling, and now you know how to choose?

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