What kind of bike is suitable for travel?

Most of the bikes we usually see are for ordinary bike trips, and we can see that among the people who cycle through Tibet, they use a variety of bicycles, all of which accompany the owner on a pleasant journey. But for people with general economic conditions, we recommend buying more than 1300 yuan bicycle, because this price can better ensure the smooth completion of the journey, reduce the road bicycle caused by the trouble.

But we should not blindly pursue the high-priced configuration, the more high-end products, the more targeted. Most of the high-end products on the market are for race purposes, the pursuit of higher sensitivity, the pursuit of maximum speed with minimal force consumption, and some designed for high-intensity cycling. What is needed for a travel bike is strong, expendable, performance stability, comfort, common features of bicycle stoic, easy to maintain.

Choose a good travel bike to help you reduce unnecessary hassle while you travel.

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